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NAOJO impacts the world by helping causes raise funds in a fun and innovative way so that they can continue to make a difference.

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What is NAOJO?

NAOJO is an original fundraising platform that is totally digitalized to support an awesome cause offering exceptional charity raffles. It puts online Unique Experiences of iconic objets proposed by the organizing Associations and which are awarded by drawing among all the donor-participants.

What is NAOJO's super mission?

NAOJO wants to impact the world by helping associations raise funds in a fun and innovative way to realize their projects. That's all we do! ☺

How does NAOJO carry out its mission?

Because together we have more impact, we created the NAOJO tribe! This tribe brings together three actors who join forces to impact the world: (i) Associations that have great projects in the field; (ii) people (artists, musicians,...) who use their talent to offer unique experiences; and (iii) generous and lucky donors who support these projects and are part of this change.

This is our tribe. Great. Generous. Unique.

How does it work?

It's very simple (at least, everything is done to make it so!): How it works?

What are the regulations in force?

Draws (or raffles) fall under the scope of the Penal Code and the law of December 31, 1851 on raffles.

According to article 1 of this law, raffles are prohibited on Belgian territory.

However, article 7 provides for exceptions to this principle. Thus, drawings may be authorized exclusively for the purpose of : (i) acts of piety or charity, (ii) the encouragement of industry (in general) or the arts, (iii) any other purpose of public utility.

According to a constant administrative practice, only applications from non-profit associations (asbl) as well as public utility institutions - whose articles of association have been published at least 5 years previously in the Appendices to the Belgian Official Gazette or have been approved by royal decree for at least 5 years - can be taken into consideration for the granting of such an authorization.

NAOJO offers its automated platform to Associations authorized to organize draws (solidarity raffles) in order to facilitate this organization. The Association is the organizer and solely responsible for the general organization of its fundraising operation using the principle of raffles on the NAOJO platform. NAOJO acts as a facilitator.

Who can organize a fundraising operation on NAOJO?

In Belgium, only associations with a social purpose and authorized by the FPS Interior can organize a raffle at the national level. The Association is the organizer and is solely responsible for the general organization of its fundraising operation on the NAOJO platform. All the associations throughout the world that respect the legislation in force in their country will be able to operate on our platform.

How is the total amount of a draw determined and distributed?

A raffle has a theoretical value which consist of 3 elements: (1) 50% = contribution to the purpose of the authorized organizing association, (2) 40% = value of the good or service including VAT, including all costs, including setting up the experience in order to be able to offer you unique experiences and (3) 10% = organization costs (fixed).

The value of the Experience (including its implementation) represents 40% of the total amount of the draw. Example: For an Experience with a value of 400€, the total draw will amount to 1.000€

What is the Target of a draw?

The "Target" is the maximum amount that can be raised for each Experience offered on the NAOJO platform through the purchase of tickets by the Participants within a given period of time. It is called "Target" because, in accordance with the regulations governing the draw (raffle), the maximum number of tickets issued is fixed and must always be communicated to the participants via the rules specific to each Experience.

How many tickets are available per Experience?

For each fundraising the number of tickets issued by an Association is always determined in advance and is fixed. It also depends on the total amount of the draw. You can find the number of tickets issued by consulting the rules and regulations for each Experience.

How much does a ticket for an Experience cost?

The price of a ticket varies depending on the Experiences. It is always clearly displayed on the description on the Experience page. It also depends on the total amount of the draw. The value of the ticket can be found in the rules for each raffle.

Ticket prices can vary between €5, €10, €20 and €50.

How long is an Experience offered?

The duration to participate varies according to each raffle. It generally lasts between one week and 3 months. This period is always specified in the rules of each solidarity raffle. Please note that if all the tickets are sold before the end of the period, the subscription period will end prematurely. On the other hand, the draw date is always fixed.

What are my chances of winning an Experience?

Since the number of tickets is determined in advance, you know exactly how likely you are to win the Experience. You can find the number of tickets issued for each experience by checking the rules for each Experience. The rules can be found in the "Your Experience includes" section.

Example: a raffle with 100 tickets and each ticket has a value of €10. The target of the raffle is €1,000. Then with one ticket bought, you have a 1 chance out of 100 of winning the Experience.

How is the winner chosen?

The winner is designated by an automated online draw on the precise date set within the rules, under the control of the Association organizing the draw.

All participants have access to the results of the draw on their personal page. The winner is also notified by e-mail

Where can I find the Rules and Regulations for each Experience?

You will find the rules of each charity raffle online on the page of each Experience and on the website of the organizing Association. The rules can be found in the "Your Experience will include" section.

In what language is the Internet site available?

The site is available in 3 languages: French, Dutch and English.

I have a question, who can I contact?

You will find all the details on our contact page. We will answer you as soon as possible.

When will the Experience’s sweepstake take place?

You can find the date of the draw in the rules and regulations of each Experience. The rules can be found in the "Your Experience will include" section.

What amounts are allocated to the Associations' projects?

The Belgian legislation regarding the raffle stipulates that 50% of the funds collected must support the social objectives of the association. By operating in a classical way and buying the lots, the associations therefore allocate 50% of the funds raised to their objectives.

At NAOJO, thanks to the digitalization of our platform and the fact that we do not buy any lot, we provide the Associations with a very simplified and inexpensive structure and a much larger part of the funds raised can be allocated to projects in the field. We aspire to maximize this share and aim for 80% for societal projects.

Finally, we always make sure that the Association shares within our NAOJO tribe all their field projects realised with their fundraising.

See also: Our commitments

What do the associations do with the collected money?

The Associations implement projects that fall within the scope of their mission. All the information concerning these missions can be found on the respective website of the participating Associations, on their social networks as well as on the pages of our website. It is also very important for us to follow up with our partner associations and to report to you on the impact achieved in the field.

A technical problem?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible so that we can resolve the issue and make your NAOJO Tribe journey the most comfortable as possible.

I did not receive my registration or participation confirmation by email?

Don't panic! This email is very (very ;-) ) probably in your "spam" box that we advise you to consult. If it is not in your spam box, please come back to us so that we can help you solve this situation.

How do I change my user password?

Nothing could be easier: after logging in, click (i) on your profile (top right) and then (ii) on "Edit my profile". On this page you will be able to change your password.

Who can participate in the charity raffles on NAOJO?

Anyone who is at least 18 years old.

Why participate and join the NAOJO tribe?

To combine business with pleasure: while making a great gesture in favor of an association that is close to your heart, you may also have the chance to live an experience that you won't soon forget!
We are here to live together great and generous experiences.

How to participate ?

All you have to do is register on the NAOJO platform and participate by buying a ticket for the Experience of your choice, organised by and in support of an Association. To register, you must create an account by clicking on the link at the top right "Login" and then "Create an account".

How many tickets can I buy?

You can buy as many tickets as you wish, thank you in advance for your generosity! However, the service offered here should remain an enjoyable experience. We are very careful, through different screenings, to warn and alert participants who may have problematic behaviors (gambling addiction).

Can I participate in several Experiences?

Yes, you can. Please note that each Experience has its own draw.

Can I get a tax exemption by participating in a charity raffle?

No, unfortunately, participation in a raffle does not give you a tax exemption.

Where can I view all the information about the Experiences I am participating or have participated in?

You can view your history in your profile by clicking on your first name in the top right-hand corner after logging in.

How many specific chances do I have to win by supporting an Association?

For each draw, you know exactly how many chances you have to win an Experience. Example: a draw of 1.000€ with 100 tickets at 10€ each, you have 1 chance out of 100 to win.
Everyone has a chance to win the Experience with just one ticket. And the more you support an Association, the more chances you have.

Why is the number of tickets available limited ?

In order to be transparent and to be able to best estimate the chances of winning the relevant prize, the number of tickets available is limited and to be subscribed to within a certain period of time. This is the difference with a contest where everyone can participate within a certain period of time and where the number of chances is not defined at the base and is more random. It is also a legal obligation. And the NAOJO tribe intends to strictly respect the legal framework in force.

What does the "sold out" status of an experiment mean?

The "sold out" status means that there are unfortunately no more tickets for a specific experience. This is because the law on raffles stipulates that only a certain number of tickets can be issued, which is correlated to the value of the lot. In other words, an unlimited number of tickets cannot be issued, which would result in giving (almost) no chance to a participant to win the prize. Good to know: the number of tickets available is always indicated on the description sheet of each experience (prize) and in each specific regulation. In short, don't wait too long to participate if you are interested in a unique experience! 

How am I notified if I have won an Experience ?

Each winner is notified by email, under the control of the organizing Association. In addition, all the results of the draws in which you participated are reported in your personal page.

How do I receive my Experience ?

It is the winner's responsibility to show up and receive their Experience within one month of the draw date or within the time limit stated in the description of the Experience. But don't panic, we are here to accompany you throughout our experience within the NAOJO tribe !

What are the costs of sending the prize I won?

As a standard, the shipping costs are included in your prize for the entire geographical area of the country of the organising association. If the association is Belgian, all of Belgium is included. If it is a French association, all of Metropolitan France is included. And so on...

If, exceptionally, shipping costs are to be paid by the winner, this is always clearly indicated in article 13 of the rules for each prize (if applicable).

Are my Experiences taxed?

Experiences in kind won in a raffle are not taxable for the beneficiary. This type of income is specifically covered by the commentary of the Income Tax Code, in its article 90/8.

How can I access and modify my personal data ?

You can access and modify your personal data by logging on to the site using your email and password. After you are logged in, you click on your first name which is displayed in the top right corner. By clicking on this link, you arrive on your personal page and can modify your data.

How can I access all the charity raffles in which I participate ?

You can access all the solidarity raffles in which you have participated and in progress by logging on to the site with your username and password. Once you are logged in, you click on your nickname which is displayed in the top right-hand corner. By clicking on this link, you arrive on your personal page with all your participations.

How can I change the data in my user profile ?

Nothing could be simpler: just click on your first name in the top right corner (after logging in) and change your data if necessary. Warning: for security reasons, it is not possible to change your last name. If this should be done (e.g.: encoding error), please contact us.

Naojo, always fun.

offering you a chance to live unique experiences by participating in solidarity raffles. This is and must remain a fun experience! You will find all the information concerning our attention to gambling addictions at the following link (link to GCU - Article 15 - Responsible Gambling and Addiction).

You can also visit the following sites

Where can I find the rules for participating in a charity raffle?

You can find the rules and regulations for each Experience proposed by an Association in the "Your experience will include" section. Or on the website of the organizing Association.

Where can I see the number of tickets available for each Experience?

You can find the number of tickets available for each Experience in the rules or on the website of the Organizing Association.

Why should you submit an Experience to support an Association?

There are a multitude of reasons to submit an Experience to an Association to help them raise funds on our platform.
1/ You are participating in a great solidarity action that will impact the world!
2/ You will benefit from a great visibility among thousands of donor-participants on our platform, with our four powerful communication levers that reinforce one another : (i) NAOJO platform and its solidarity tribe (ii) Association, (iii) Donor-participant and (iv) you.
3/ You participate in an original and innovative project, in the spirit of a benevolent economy.
4/ Last but not least: You will have good fun and all our gratitude!

How can I propose an Experience ?

By getting in touch with our team via our "Contact" page.

What Experience can I offer?

All Experiences are possible but will be UNIQUE/EXTRAORDINARY/EXCEPTIONAL!
In short, Experiences out of the ordinary!

Can I choose the Association for which I submit my Experience ?

Of course, we are always delighted to discover and serve new associations.

Can I offer an Experience without being associated with a charity?

No, this is not possible because it is not our mission or our wish! :-) Moreover, it is...illegal.

Why making use of NAOJO for my fundraising?

As an Association, there are 1001 reasons to join our NAOJO solidarity platform:
1/ To be part of the great and inspiring NAOJO tribe;
2/ To simplify your fundraising operation as much as possible using the principle of a solidarity raffle, in order to not become time-consuming. Everything is digitized for your greatest comfort (putting the Experiences online, automated payment, registrations, online payment, transfer of funds directly to the association, ...). This is our primary vocation: to make your life easier!
3/ Participate and increase fundraising in favor of your Association, via this original and innovative means;
4/ Benefit from access to a user-friendly/automated/secure platform with an optimal user experience;
5/ Benefit from a new digital medium to (i) ensure the visibility of your association and (ii) attract a new audience of donor-participants;
6/ Participate in a transparent project: there are no hidden costs;
7/ Last but not least: having good fun!

Why are fundraising events on NAOJO organized "by and for" an association?
Because only associations authorized by the FPS Interior have the possibility to organize raffles in Belgium.
Do you want to organize an original fundraising event? Contact us, we will help you in the simplest way possible!

I wish to join the NAOJO tribe as an Association. What can I do?

Please contact us. We will accompany you in the administrative steps to obtain your authorization and to set up your fundraising operation.

What exactly does NAOJO offer for my amazing cause?

Our team is here to make your life as easy as possible and to help you successfully run your charity raffle on our NAOJO platform.

We offer two types of collaboration depending on your needs:
1/ "Co-creation" partnership: We accompany you from A to Z to make a success of your charity raffle in line with your values and mission: from the legal authorisation file to the final sum up of your operation, including the orchestration and implementation of your communication plan, the 24/7 participant helpdesk, the evaluation of your experiences, the issuing of the tickets, the draw, and the management of payments. Among other things!

2/ Partnership "Access": This is the same as the first proposal. We welcome you on our NAOJO platform with all related services. However, although you have access to the entire NAOJO eco-system, you manage the promotion and communication of your operation.

Get in touch with us, we will help you in the simplest possible way!

What is Naojo's Wall of Fame ?

We would like to honor on our Generous & Happy Wall of Fame all the companies that joined the NAOJO tribe by participating generously in charity raffle (participation equal or superior to 1250€). These companies share our values of transparency, goodness and fun. Discover them !

How to participate and join the NAOJO Wall of Fame ?

It's very simple!

Your company buys a set of tickets on its behalf for a unique experience and support an awesome cause on NAOJO!

In concrete terms, here are the steps:
1. You register online with the name of your company as your nickname;
2. You select an experience and buy a number of tickets to support the association of your choice (minimum participation : 1.250€);
3. You receive by email a list of all your numbered tickets;
4. Your company appears on our Wall of Fame and is mentioned on our different communication supports;
5. You decide internally how you are going to use these tickets (with your resources or your customers) ;
6. Your company is contacted if it has the winning ticket!

Note: You receive an invoice (excluding vat). Participating in an operation that falls under the legislation of a draw does not (unfortunately) grant a tax deduction. Or the beauty of a free participation ;-).

Why should I join the NAOJO Wall of Fame with my company ?

There are a multitude of reasons why your company could join and participate in our solidarity platform :

* to associate your company with an innovative solidarity action and allow great associations to continue to make a difference on the field ;
* to instill the values of sharing and solidarity within your company through this fun and innovative channel;
* to give your company a high positive visibility on our website and on our different supports;
* so that your employees can try to win a W.O.W! experience;
* to put gaming and fun in a positive way within your company and/or with your customers.

What are the conditions of participation to join the Wall of Fame Naojo ?

In addition to being able to win a unique experience, you will be able to join our Generous & Happy Company Wall of Fame from the following participations: a contribution of €1,250 per company.

Can I deduct my participation from my taxes ?

Participating in an operation that falls under the legislation of the draw does not (unfortunately) grant a tax deduction in Belgium. Or the beauty of a free solidarity gesture, but which offers you many other fun and solidarity advantages.

Naojo allows you to support
amazing causes that are important
to you
while offering you a chance
to live unique experiences.

Naojo © 2016
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