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Win a unique and exceptional painting by Safia Bahmed-Schwartz and experience a drawing lesson with the artist! Support En avant toute(s)
Finished Rules
Your unique experience consists of:
  • A painting by Safia Bahmed-Schwartz, worth 500€;
  • A 2-hour drawing and painting lesson with the artist in Paris.
Your unique experience...

Do you want to develop your painting skills? Play and try to win a painting lesson with the artist Safia Bahmed-Schwartz, while supporting the beautiful association "En Avant Toute(s)". With kindness, professionalism and all her talent she will help you to develop your creative spirit and to learn (or review) the basics of drawing and painting. A unique painting, worth 500€, made by the artist will also be given to you at the end of the course. support an amazing cause!

En avant toute(s) is a amazing cause that works for gender equality and the end of violence within couples and families, through prevention actions and support for victims.

To fight against this violence, En avant toute(s) has created the first chat room for victims of domestic violence, This online help and listening space is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm. It is free, anonymous, secure and caring.

Combining both prevention and concrete support actions for victims, En avant toute(s) offers an innovative and comprehensive approach to the fight against violence with a particularly vulnerable public that is still "off the radar": young people and LGBTQIA+ people.

About Safia Bahmed-Schwartz

Safia Bahmed-Schwartz is a painter, illustrator, singer, tattoo artist and publisher. As an artist committed to the rights of women and LGBTQIA+ people, she uses the body as a tool for empowerment. On her Instagram account, she shares photos of her work: eroticised, powerful bodies. She also publishes collections of prose poetry, notes and sketches and books of photographs. Safia Bahmed-Schwartz has supported En avant toute(s) for almost a year. (credits photo : Modzic)

Your unique experience consists of:
  • A painting by Safia Bahmed-Schwartz, worth 500€;
  • A 2-hour drawing and painting lesson with the artist in Paris.
Finished Rules

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