Win Dua Lipa's manuscript of her number 1 hit "Don't Start Now" !

This Experiment is offered as a package within the operation Angèle’s charity raffle. The non-profit association KickCancer Foundation is an entity legally authorized to organize raffles by R.D. of February 11 2021 (pending publication). The non-profit cause KickCancer Foundation is responsible for and organizes this operation on the NAOJO platform.

Article 2 - How to participate

After registering and logging on to the NAOJO platform, the User (an adult) can participate by purchasing a numbered virtual ticket online on the NAOJO platform. This online ticket will be available and can be viewed on his/her personal NAOJO account (by clicking on his/her nickname and selecting the "My Profile" section).

Article 3 - Price

The unit price per ticket is 10€. The User may purchase as many available tickets as he/she wishes.

Article 4 - Number of tickets

There are 3750 tickets issued for this draw.

Article 5 - Subscription period

The subscription period begins on 15/02/2021 00:00:00 and ends on 23/03/2021 23:59:59.

Article 6 - Value of Experience

This Experiment (this lot) has an estimated value of 15000€ VAT incl.

Article 7 - Sweepstake date

The winner of the draw will be determined on 25/03/2021.

Article 8 - Description of Experience

The submitted experience as a batch is composed of:
Dua Lipa, the English pop star, offers you the manuscript of her hit song "Don't start now". Personnally, we would tend to say quite the opposite: it is high time to actully DO START buying tickets to try your luck. You don't get a golden opportunity like this one twice... Good luck!
When you participate in this raffle, not only do you try your luck but you also contribute to financing research on children's cancer.

Article 9 - Winner

The winner will be informed by email to the address filled in his registration profile on the NAOJO platform. In addition, the winner's pseudonym will also be announced on the Experience page after the sweeptake. The winner accepts that we may use his/her first name, surname, image (photo or video) to communicate about the won Experience on our various social media and the ones of the organizing cause.

Article 10 - General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTCU)

In order to take part in the draw, the Participant must read the rules and the GTCU in force on the NAOJO platform.

By participating in this operation, the Participant validates the General Terms and Conditions of Use in force on the NAOJO Platform. By doing so, the Participant acknowledges that these General Terms of Use are enforceable against him/her.

Article 11 - Specific limits

The Board of Directors of the organizing cause KickCancer Foundation, the staff employed by the publisher of the NAOJO platform and its subcontractors who facilitate the organization of this operation by making the NAOJO platform available are not eligible to participate in this operation.

Article 12 - Miscellaneous

In order to take part in the draw, the Participant must read the rules and the General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTCU) in force on the NAOJO platform.

All of the charities benefiting from the amounts raised within the framework of this operation are described on the specific page of the organizer KickCancer Foundation on the NAOJO platform as well as on the Cause's website.

Article 13 - Rules

Delivery costs are included in Europe up to 100€ VAT and insurance included maximum. KickCancer reserves the right to optimise the delivery delay in order to reduce the delivery costs; in any case, the prize will be delivered with 3 months of the prize drawing.

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