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Win Dua Lipa's manuscript of her number 1 hit "Don't Start Now" ! Support KickCancer Foundation
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Your unique experience consists of:
  • The manuscript of the song "Don't Start Now".
Your unique experience...

Dua Lipa, the English pop star, offers you the manuscript of her hit song "Don't start now". Personnally, we would tend to say quite the opposite: it is high time to actully DO START buying tickets to try your luck. You don't get a golden opportunity like this one twice... Good luck!
When you participate in this raffle, not only do you try your luck but you also contribute to financing research on children's cancer. support an amazing cause!

KickCancer is a young Belgian foundation that has funded research project and is calling for better regulations that will facilitate research into childhood cancer.

During its 4 years of life, KickCancer has invested more than 3 million in innovative research projects across Europe.

About Dua Lipa

Angèle brings all these artists together to support KickCancer.

Your unique experience consists of:
  • The manuscript of the song "Don't Start Now".
Finished Rules

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