Let's impact the world together

NAOJO impacts the world by helping associations raise funds in a fun and innovative way so that they can continue to make a difference.

Because together we have more impact, we created the NAOJO tribe !

This tribe brings together amazing Causes that have great projects on the ground; people (artists, musicians,...) who use their talent to offer unique experiences; and generous (and lucky) donors who support these projects and are part of this change.

This is our tribe: Great. Generous. Unique.

Unforgettables experiences

Why couldn't philanthropic fundraising be simple and fun? This is what we want to achieve with our fully digitalized NAOJO platform and our tribe that gathers around Exceptional Experiences. By participating in our solidary raffles, everyone has a chance to win a unique experience or an iconic object with a single participation.

"Be the change you want to see in the world". Ghandi


Our NAOJO project is rooted in this powerful quote. We are deeply convinced that everyone at our level, wherever and whoever we are, has the power to sow generously and change the world.
Let's start where we are.

Our Commitments

We are committed to developing our solidary platform NAOJO and its tribe with...


We feel an immense gratitude for every euro donated to the associations through our platform. We commit ourselves to always communicate clearly on the funds collected and their precise destinations, and to ensure that each euro is used wisely.

Thanks to the digitalization of our platform, we are able to offer associations a very simplified structure. The funds raised can therefore be allocated directly to the associative projects, and less in the fundraising as such, which can often prove to be time-consuming.


It is important to us to treat all our employees, partners, advertisers and donors with kindness throughout our journey together. This goodheartedness guides all our actions


You will have fun. Great fun. Extraodrinary fun. We are here to live together and make you have great and generous experiences! And to tell you beautiful, positive and inspiring stories from around the world.

Behind NAOJO

Patrick Dumont | Happy Founder

189.5 cm - 47 years old - Belgian - Husband, father (4 children) and entrepreneur (1 current project and 100 ideas in mind). Special feature: Transported and refreshed by the concerts, as well as by... silence and calm. Loves the films Cinema Paradiso and La Merditude des choses.

His Dream Experiences on NAOJO: Attend a concert of dEUS in back stage and have a drink with Tom Barman. Having a coffee with Marie Gillain. Meet Neil Young to discuss his project to put electric motors in old-timers.

All associations organizing their raffle to raise funds on NAOJO have the legal authorization to organize raffles of the FPS Interior in Belgium or from the competent authority in their country, in strict compliance with the legislative framework. Participation in a raffle does not grant a tax deduction.

Naojo allows you to support
amazing causes that are important
to you
while offering you a chance
to live unique experiences.

Naojo © 2016
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