Fortune favours
the generous

Support the association you care about by participating to their unique charity raffle and try to win the experience of your dreams.

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Give yourself a chance
to live unique experiences
and let's build a
better world together

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They tell you

Naojo is a unique, generous and supportive tribe. Causes active in the field, artists offering Unique Experiences and donor-participants have a lot to share. Here we share their experiences and tell beautiful, positive and inspiring stories that are happening around the world.

We are mobilising to live in a world of equal strength!

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In the Bolivian Andes, at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level, the non-profit organization Amigo Negro Jose helps destitute, orphaned and abandoned children in its reception center.

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With you, Operation 11.11.11 was able to finance 184 development projects in the South last year.

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« I am more independent than I was before I knocked on the door of the Braille League. People around me are often amazed at how well I'm doing on my own. I am very proud of that! » Monique, beneficiary of the Braille League

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"I am 99 years old. But when I'll be gone, it is you who will have to help my association so that it continues to save thousands of children in the world" Sister Emmanuelle (2008)

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"The International Musical Encounters of Enghien is a remarkable festival, not only for the education of young musicians, but also for the future of musical life" Seiji Ozawa

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They talk about NAOJO

Naojo allows you to support
amazing causes that are important
to you
while offering you a chance
to live unique experiences.

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